Our experience at state and local levels, in public service and private practice, and in small and large organizations, allows us to give a viewpoint that has seen many issues through different perspectives. We have worked with large and small communities, gathering information and helping to organize efforts around economic and downtown development.

Place + Main Advisors has created a reopening strategic planning process, called “Reengage, Reenergize, + Reopen” that can help a community develop a locally tailored and specific plan to guide their reopening.
This process outlines the steps and people needed to define what needs to be done, who should be doing it, and a timeframe for it to occur. This process includes who should be on their reopening team, customer research (survey provided), communications planning, brainstorming and ideas for businesses to implement based on survey results, and public sector support and temporary infrastructure. The facilitation of this process will be done entirely online and will require several meetings with the local board, committees, and a newly formed Reopening Team. Email us at info@placeandmain.com for more information.

Economic Development + Community Marketing Strategies

Hope is not a strategy. Successful communities think through their assets and strengths and focus their economic development efforts on those areas where they have the greatest possibility for success. The Economic Development and Community Marketing Strategy walks communities through this process and creates a step by step implementation plan based on the strengths and weaknesses of the community and gives them a clear direction on how to move forward. This process engages the public and potential implementation partners to create a team effort towards economic development and community marketing.

Downtown Revitalization Strategies

This service provides a comprehensive, market-based strategy for communities looking to jump start their efforts, or for seasoned organizations  looking to take their efforts to the next level. The Strategy provides a baseline placemaking analysis of the existing condition of the downtown district organized around our Place Management Index; Public meeting and SWOT Analysis of Downtown; Focus Groups with stakeholders; Downtown Market Breakdown; Identification of potential Implementation Partners; Placemaking and downtown project recommendations based on market analysis, focus groups, and public SWOT analysis; Full Communication Strategy; Prioritization and work plan facilitation for implementation teams.

Real Estate Redevelopment Planning + Marketing

Developers, redevelopment organizations, and communities often have property they want to redevelop, but may not know how to move from one stage to another. Place + Main Advisors helps these entities understand the development process and what they need to do move from idea to completion. We assist communities in assessing their real estate market and identify ways they can aid in redevelopment themselves. We help small developers understand the market and construct a functional financial pro forma so they and financial institutions can make informed decisions that make good business sense. Lastly, we directly, and through our network of trusted professionals, we help communities position themselves in order to redevelop land or buildings where there is a market for it.

Communications Strategies
+ Public Relations Services 

Communities often have great things going on but not everyone already knows. How is that some communities seem to get all of the press coverage? This service focuses on the development of a full communications strategy, including key messages and tactics; review of existing and creation of new marketing materials to support overall strategic communications; research and create a media list of key contacts, media publications and outlets across a variety of areas of interest specific to your community. This can be followed up with ongoing public relations services to pitch the community or developer’s story to regional and state-level media. 

PlaceLeap™ is a premium comprehensive revitalization system designed to help communities take their downtowns and commercial districts to new levels by creating custom strategies developed from intensive and interactive public input sessions, direct interviews with key community stakeholders, and online surveys. This process creates rock-solid implementation plans and is brought together by an extensive community branding system, all within a condensed time frame, that gives communities easy-to-understand steps and tools to help maximize their efforts, whether they are just getting started or have been doing downtown revitalization for many years. This service is performed with our partners at Arnett Muldrow & Associates

Keynotes + Trainings

A speaker can make or break a training, a conference keynote, or an annual meeting. A great speaker needs to be engaging without being too over the top, an expert without being a know-it-all, and be entertaining and informative so when people leave the room they feel like they got something out of your event. Place + Main Advisors’ principals are available to keynote annual meetings, statewide or national conferences, or provide technical trainings to groups. Our presentations are tailored to specific audiences but typical focus on one or more of the following topics: Economic Development, Downtown Redevelopment, Community Development, Placemaking, Public Relations + Communication Strategies, Marketing

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